[Feature change] The button the the right of the Run button in Perspective

This one doesn’t have a tooltip or any kind of confirmation of what it does - I’ve accidentally clicked it several times when meaning to hit the Run button. It seems like it rolls things back to the last save? This can be very frustrating after making changes, wanting to try them out and then accidentally undoing all the changes you just made. I’m not sure if this should be moved, or a confirmation button added, or something - but please do something about this.

The button in question is supposed to “refresh” the current View, setting it back to the last saved state. I’m not sure about our long-term plans for the button (the incoming version control functionality is going to change a LOT of how saving/refreshing/reverting is handled), but we’re aware it has no tooltip text.

I think we should at the very least ensure we have a confirmation dialog behind that button before release if we keep it next to the preview button, to make sure folks don’t lose work from a single accidental click.

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It’s a refresh button, and acts exactly as a refresh button on the browser does. It shouldn’t revert to any previous saved state, but rather the last committed state (e.g. - it’s staged for save, and retained in the designer, but not saved to the gateway).

It’s most likely going away or being moved to somewhere less central. It really isn’t something terribly useful beyond module/component developers who are at higher risk to put their designer session into a weird client state.

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