[Feature] Color management in Vision

Perspective will enable to use style. That’s great

For Vision, it will be very convenient if we can declare a global Map of Color in the client scope, with the possibility to use it directly in component binding (and a script function to read/write the map color value for a key).
With a color picker to edit key/value of the map.
And a map of Font…

We often use String tag client with color coded in string but it’s not handy to edit the color and or the expression binding in component (toColor(myStringColorTag))

Hi Lionel,

We store colours in client tags with a descriptive name mapped to the RGB definition of the colour e.g. [Client]Colours/Medium Grey = ‘151,151,151’. You can then assign this to an object by binding the relevant property (e.g. Stroke paint) directly to the tag, which is quick and more convenient than using an expression. It is also easy to see what the colour should be when you look at the binding.

Any changes to the colour definition will then be used throughout the project.

While this may happen down the road, @AlThePal’s suggestion is definitely a good workaround for now.

Yes we sometimes use such of workaround, but for color or font in tempate, I hesitate to add binding to client tag especially when the template has many instances (100+) on a windows, I fear all these binding will degrade perfomance for the windows loading tmes…