[FEATURE] Convert UDT instance into standard tags

I have a UDT instance that I realise I don’t want to be a UDT anymore since there will be too many variations to its instances. Of course, copying the json of UDT instances doesn’t include with it any of the tag config as it’s defined in the UDT definition. Copying the json of the UDT definition doesn’t include the parameters that I’ve set in the instance, and applying these is more difficult than my Friday-self cares to look at doing (referenced parameters use a binding structure in the json which needs to be converted to a flat “key: value” pair).

It would be nice if there was a right-click option to “Convert UDT instance to standard tags” that would do it for me :slight_smile:

What? UDTs aren’t the answer? You heretic! :scream:

Good idea, though.

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