[FEATURE] Copy Code Icon

I am not sure if this is a feature that is possible to enable on the forum platform, however it would be pretty useful.

Other markdown based forums like Github, Gitlab, and such all have the ability to copy text in a formatted code block like this:

When trying to help people out on the forums, a small, but convenient thing would be able to copy their code directly that they have pasted with the backticks in this format:

print("This is my code")

Not sure if its possible to enable it, but it would be a nice feature if it was!

Done :slight_smile:


Quickest and most effective feature improvement on the platform! lol Thanks Kevin.

EDIT: For anyone in the future looking at those conversation timestamps after they are shown as months or hours, that was only two minutes return time! Talk about a company who wants to make lives easier for their users. :clap: