[Feature]Default to 'Ignition OPC UA Server', and tag creation

Could you either pre-fill in ‘Ignition OPC UA Server’ on tags, or better yet, default it so if you put nothing in the server field for an OPC tag it tries to use ‘Ignition OPC UA Server’. Lot of typing of that particular phrase. Was true before V8 too.

Also you know what would be great is some quicker method of created a regular OPC tag of various types. Maybe even drag-drop templates from above or below the tag pane- like I drag in an Integer OPC tag or a Real OPC tag, presetting at least the data type and data formats, and maybe even copying the last created tag of that type. It’s just a little cumbersome to use two layers of menu to create a regular tag.

There should be a drop-down that lets you choose from configured OPC server connections… there’s not one in 7.x either?

I think there is in 7 but it would be nice if it was defaulted to the built-in server.

There was a change in tag editor last night that added the Tag Browser for Tag selection. Selecting a tag from the Tag Browser will populate the OPC Server value as well. Let us know if you have any feedback on the change!


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I’m not sure I’d hard code the default to that particular name, but perhaps we can have some properties initialize to the first available option, which would make things like opc server and tag group easier. In the case of OPC tags, I always kind of assumed that people started by dragging them in, even when building parameterized UDT tags (*the fact that the parameter binding screen didn’t pull over the static value previous would have made this annoying, but has been fixed).

Anyhow, I wanted to broadly say that I definitely agree there are some ways new tag creation could be streamlined. I keep kicking around this idea of a “quick create” dialog that steps you through the key aspects of a new tag (Name>Source>Data Type, etc) in a keyboard friendly way. Or maybe just an alternate sorting style for properties and making the normal tag editor much more keyboard friendly (tab currently doesn’t really work well).

Thanks for the feedback.