[FEATURE] Designer - Please add keyboard arrow-key and alt-key control of input focus to all prompts and dialogues

There are so many times that I “click” the wrong button in a prompt due to the arrow keys not changing the button in focus. For example this prompt:
I invariably don’t want to save when opening another project from the Designer, but also invariably, I will always save because I’m so used to using the arrow keys to select the right button (“No”) before hitting enter. But the only keystroke that actually does anything is my Enter keypress which then presses “Yes” to save. It’s obviously not just this dialogue box, it’s all areas of the designer: the bindings popup and all manner of popups and whatnots within it; very little is keyboard-friendly.

I may not have used a Mac much before and not for 15 years so maybe it’s changed, but from what I remember it was the least keyboard-friendly OS I’ve used. In Windows on the other hand, you can do pretty much anything you want with the keyboard (access context menus, the start menu and navigate around it, tab between and select anything within the file explorer, minimise/close/maximise programs, interact with all prompts, minimise/restore/maximise/close applications, you can even move applications around with the keyboard, etc. etc etc.
You get used to living with such functionality, and really miss it when it’s not there (and make mistakes as well)
The reason I mention Mac is because I know a lot of the devs use them and may wonder what I’m complaining about :slight_smile:

PS. alt-keys seem to work on this particular dialogue (e.g. Alt+N to press No), but this doesn’t work on many other dialogues, even though holding alt will actually show the underlines below pneumonic characters.
For example the tag selector popup in the binding popup below. Holding alt shows the pneumonic, but Alt+O does nothing

Other examples (to be updated as found):

No tabbing between fields