[FEATURE] Display Project Saved timestamp in local time not gateway time


Currently this time is in gateway time. I’m working on a gateway in the US but am located in Australia so this makes it difficult for me to actually know what time it was last saved

Hmm, really? As far as I can tell the message is created Designer-side and just does new Date(), so it should be in the timezone of the Designer.



What is the project timezone setting?

print java.util.TimeZone.getDefault() in Designer script console?


Well at least the date/time you see makes sense, but don’t ask me to explain why your Designer has its TimeZone that way :confused:

Designer uses the project timezone. So Vision previews are correct, I’ve always assumed.

Yeah, that makes sense, I just only found the timezone being set in the Vision Client, couldn’t find an equivalent in the Designer. Doesn’t mean it’s not happening though!