[Feature] Dynamic Perspective trend and sparkline tag path binding

Is there any update to when we will be able to bind trends and sparklines to dynamic tag paths in Perspective? This is a critical feature for me as we have thousands of similar sites (Oil and gas) and when navigating from site to site we just pass the parent tag path and let all the components, charts, and sparklines redirect. I did search around a bit and saw the TabulaRaza demo but it doesn’t look like a feasible workaround to me.

Maybe this helps

If not, look into returning “json” type from your data source. I haven’t played around with that yet but it looks like it might actually give you some dynamic datasource kind of stuff. I plan to play with that when I have time.

That is helpful thanks Steve. I used the workaround to get a trend working. Now to do more research in the forums and see if anyone has posted a sample for the sparkline…

My pleasure.

I haven’t messed with a sparkline yet so I can’t help you on that one. Lately I have been having a lot of fun with the geo control. That is a POWERFUL control!

I have a similar use case for a number of components. In case you haven’t figured out a solution yet, I’ve been bringing data into my sparklines using a combination of the custom array property described in the tutorial video Steve_Laubach posted and the script transform option on Tag History binding to format the data the way the sparkline component wants to receive it: