[FEATURE?] EAM - Sending selected project resources or whole projects from Designer?

Like you can do with tags, is it possible to send selected project resources via the EAM in the Designer?
Is it possible to send projects at all from the Designer?

(I'm assuming not, since I can't find any obvious function and there's nothing in the "EAM in the Designer" section in the User Manual. In which case my follow up question would be, is this a feasible feature request? It kind of seems like a glaring omission)

The configuration of agent tasks in the gateway webpage is a lot more involved than simply right clicking on components in the Designer and clicking "go". Especially if you just want to send a handful of specific project resources. I'm more inclined to export the project resources via the Designer and import them into the other GW manually. Or even to script my own "send project resources to GW" function



Hello nminchin,

Yes, you are correct. At the moment, there is no option to send project resources through the EAM in the Designer. Thank you for submitting a feature request.