[Feature] EAM Task Scheduling Groups

When working in a project that utilizes EAM and has more than one or two agents, scheduling similar tasks for each agent can be tedious. For example, I have a project where there is a single tag provider on the controller gateway that contains master copies of all the UDTs being used throughout the gateway network and I send these data types to over 30 remote tag providers once a week in order to make sure all instances are kept somewhat up to date. Currently, you’re only able to create a “Send Tags” task to go to a single tag provider (which makes sense why), but once I’ve recreated this same task for each tag provider in the project, it would be nice to be able to configure a schedule for multiple tasks as a single group. This would greatly speed up any potential changes that might need to be made to the schedule.

Of course, allowing users to create a single “Send Tags” task and pass in the gateway/tag provider names as parameters when needed might be even better.