[FEATURE] Exclude Shared Page

I want a footer on every page except 2.
I now have to set it to every page as a seperate footer.

I prefer to be able to just set the footer as shared and exclude that 2 pages from the shared footer.

So, you have a particular docked view set up, and you want this to be the default for every page configuration except two? So that even if you make a new page configuration, it will have this docked view? I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

If you have a docked view set as a shared docked view, there is a hacky kind of way to make it not appear on certain pages. In the page configuration for the page you do not want the docked view to show, ADD the docked view you do not want to see and then set it’s display property to “OnDemand” and the handle property to “hide”. The docked view is technically there behind the scenes, but it will be closed by default and without the handle to open it.