[FEATURE][IGN-2121] Perspective in browser add push notifications for alarms (and custom?)

I just saw a demo of another SCADA platform (sorry to blaspheme!) but I thought this particular feature could be quite useful. The app is web-based and new alarms are able to be pushed as browser notifications. This would be useful for Ignition, and also to be able to push custom events as well. These would then also appear in the Windows notification area as well. The downside is that every browser would need to explicitly allow notifications from the gateway address…


I guess you could kind of simulate something like that by having a docked window on the bottom that would appear when it receives a message, sent from the notification pipeline ?

No windows notification though, and you’d have to have that tab opened, but it would allow for a lot of customizations…

I do believe we have an open feature to allow Designers access to something akin to our system notifications (which would be ideal for transient alarm notifications), but this could also be done pretty easily using a “shared” docked view and system.perspective.alterDock. The only drawback is that you have to guarantee the “notification” dock is the only dock on that side throughout the whole project or it will hijack any open dock.

Tying into the Notifications API would be cool, but has some limitations and caveats that make it not quite as easy as it sounds.