[FEATURE?] Increase disk cache size for perspective map component


I’d like to increase disk cache size for perspective map component so I can save a lot of more tile in local disk for cases of offline usage.
I also want to know where is the path folder which ignition save the tiles map? I want this so I can easily move them to another server which doesn’t have internet access.


Sorry for the delay. At the moment, tiles are not stored locally, but are requested over the network from a tile server like OpenStreetMap or MapBox. We have plans to look into the possibility of an offline mode, and whether this is something we can support. I will let you know when or if this becomes available. Hopefully we can make this happen.


Any updates on this? We have an Ignition server not internet-connected and we need to display offline maps

Forget about cache. Just download your tiles and put them in ignition server folder /web so ignition acts as tile server.

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Did you use this post?

So easy!

Yeah that was me originally ask this question long ago