[FEATURE] inherit client tag?

Ignition 8.0.7
Client tag created in the global project are not visible in a child project.
Is it scheduled to be able to inherit client tags ?

Sometime we use client tags in template’s binding and we wan’t to place the template in the global project. Thse client tags are use to store global client settings.
(It works in the child project with the client tag, binding are resolved)

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I’d also like to request this. Currently we have to create identical client tags in parent and child projects so everything works.

So, this is hard, because client tags are currently stored as a single project resource. Technically they do inherit - but as soon as you do anything in Vision in the child project, it will save a local copy and prevent future inheritance from working. If you just want to manually “sync”, you can delete the client-tags resource in your child project(s) on disk, and the next time you launch the project in the designer it’ll have up to date client tags from the parent.

That’s not to say that we won’t improve this down the road, just that it’s fairly hard to do, since client tags are now the only piece of Ignition that still uses legacy tag code; so keeping them working is the priority, over adding new features.

Thanks for all these clarifications.
The simplest process will be to export/import (merge) client tags between projects.