[FEATURE] Keep tag editor dataset value editor open on loss of focus

I'm sure I've already raised this before but I can't find it..


The number of times I accidentally close and wipe all of my changes while editing a dataset tag's value is embarrassing, but at the moment all it takes is to remove focus from the dataset editor and all your changes are gone. This is so easy to do, for example an email comes in and you want to read it, a chat message comes in, you quickly swap to Excel to copy something to paste into the dataset cells and poof! all your changes have disintegratored (mispelling and hence pun intended).

Can this please be made to not close on loss of focus?

More locations in the tag editor affected by this:

  • Query tag's "Query" value editor
  • OPC tag's "OPC Item Path" browser
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Same with the built in OPC browser as well please.

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I've added that into my OP to keep them in one post

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What's ideal UX here?

  • Commit changes on focus loss?
  • Prompt to commit changes before losing focus?
    • Only if changes have been detected?
  • A more 'permanent' frame that doesn't close on focus loss. If so... what if you close the overall tag editor? What happens to the frame then?

I think... That's a good question.
I think the permanent frame is best. If you close the tag editor without apply or ok, then it should discard like any other changes would be. I think it should apply if you have it open and press apply or ok on the tag editor though

Personally, I've always been a fan of this. Tell the user, hey you're about to lose the changes you made, and then let them decide if they should be committed or not. If the no changes have been detected then close away.

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Loss of focus shouldn't be closing anything with a close/apply/cancel button.


I think a permanent frame (that closes w/o committing, perhaps after confirmation box, if the parent closes).

I regularly have multiple windows or panels open - some for context, some for reference, and maybe more than one for editing. If I have to close my edit window to see the context then I end up using screenshots and notepad++ and Post-It notes to keep the right info in view while entering the code. It is a lot easier if I can drag the edit dialog out of the way instead. (Also, I should be able to move the edit window...)

And for Loss of Focus? So an unrelated system notification that I can't predict closes the window and loses my work? Or I need to stop the music, mute the mic, or reply to a chat? Yeah, ... that seems harsh.