[FEATURE] Licence Portal and GW webpage licensed modules display enhancements

Currently, it's extremely difficult to work out exactly what modules you have licences for, and more importantly, what modules you don't have a licence for.

I would like to see this presented a lot nicer, rather than a big fat list you have to wade through and then try to work out what modules aren't in the list. It's also difficult to work out what modules you aren't licensed for, for the latest version. You need to scroll down the list comparing each Current/Max version (actually, I only assume that "current version" is the current version of Ignition) to see if they're equal. The version itself however is also obscure since everywhere else we only ever refer to the platform version, not the individual module version (excluding 3rd party modules or sometimes IA modules for special circumstances). In order to check what platform version is licensed, we need to go to the Downloads section and find the relevant module version in amongst all of the Ignition platform versions.

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