[Feature]Lock column from scrolling in Table component

Will the table component in perspective have the ability to lock columns from scrolling left and right? That would be a nice feature to have, especially for mobile viewing. We often have a column with a device name on the left and then values to the right of that leftmost column. It would make it much easier to view values in the tables if we can lock columns from scrolling.

Is something like this possible?

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Would you expect the column locking to be a fundamental part of the table’s configuration (e.g. column 0 is locked for everyone, always) or would you expect the user at runtime to lock and unlock columns at will?

I would say being able to lock/unlock at runtime would be ideal… but just having the option period would be a big help. I am sure many users display data in a table format with an identifying name in the left hand column. Being able to scroll to the right and not losing that identifying column, especially on smaller screens wold be extremely useful.

This is a crude example of what I am after, but we would also like the ability to sort the columns, which isn’t presented in this example.


Yeah, I get it. We’re working on the table component right now, actually, and column locking is in there as a runtime option, available currently by Alt-double-clicking on the header. We’re still thinking about how to activate it on mobile.


It would be great if there was a way to set the column lock from the table configuration in the designer (or even a simple initialization script on page or component load) and the user could override it in runtime - if they want. Since most tables we use show daily data for the past X months, users are often asking me to “freeze” the date column so they don’t have to scroll back and forth to see what date they are looking at.

Thanks Carl. It would be great if you could get something working.:slight_smile:

Is the Alt + doubleclick still implemented? I have a Mac, and it doesn’t work with either of my keyboards using the Option (alt) key and doubleclick. Maybe there is a setting that needs to be enabled I’m missing.

Is this option available for Vision tables?

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