[FEATURE] Make dropdown options an embedded view

Hi there, I have a feature request for the Perspective Dropdown component. I’m trying to build something like this
but with a modern UI design (basically a dropdown with a color picker). I’ve run into situations where a dropdown is the perfect component but the fact that it has very few properties to customize makes it less usable.

Maybe by default it’ll be a simple dropdown where the options object would be a value and a label, but then for a more complicated (useful) dropdown, there could be a property to specify a view.

Interesting idea. I could see lots of scenarios where this might be useful.

In the interim, you could do this with a pseudo “dropdown” done with a flex repeater, and a message handler between the embedded views on-click and the parent view to manage selection.

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I was going to use a Table with an column rendered as a view but I think I can get away with using a Flex Repeater like you’re saying. Thanks for the suggestion!

+1 for this request.

I believe IA uses react-select.com for the perspective dropdown and reading their documentation (replacing-components) it seems like it would support using an embedded view

Having a lot of these futures would be amazing. Particularly groups, individual item styling, with per item icons :drooling_face:


It’s probably worth adding to the suggestion box

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If only creating perspective components in modules was easier! lol

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Speaking of…


It’s honestly not too hard from the little bit I’ve played with it.

I just don’t feel like devoting the time to doing it. Especially for work cause I’m the one who would have to maintain it :frowning:

Upvoted the ideas post :slight_smile: