[FEATURE] mix warm and cold device on a redundant gateway?

we have a redundant gateway with Warm mode.
We would like ti have some devices in “cold” mode and some device in “warm”.
Is there any solution or workaround for this kind of settings ?

Some device dosen’t accep more than one connection…

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Hi @pturmel,
Perhaps your modbus driver enable to do that ?
A settings on the mobus device to force “device cold mode” (no connection and no poll if the gateway is passive) on a redundant gateway configured in warm mode ?

@Kevin.Herron, It could be a valuable feature for driver devices !

I just monitor the redundancy state and disable outbound connections when inactive. I don’t monitor warm vs. cold, just active vs. inactive.

Sounds like my module does what you want out of the box.

Yes, it seems to be exactly what we need as our modbus slave device only accept one TCP connection !

(I have a module for snmp device with a per device parameter “disable Warm poll” for this need. But no modules for modbus)

Can you post a link to test your modbus module ?
An official release will be available soon ?

The latest are here:

Hopefully. I have a bug in the local serial port support that I haven't had a chance to work on.

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