[FEATURE] New "Find/Replace selected Views" - Add this at the component level

The new addition of the view/window/templates context menu to find/replace stuff within the selected items from a context menu is awesome, but we also need this at the component level as well.

For example, right click on View.root.FlexContainer1 and have the option “Find/replace in component” to search and replace for things just inside of this Flex Container.

Maybe this is this idea already:

It still says “planned” so I’m guessing/hoping that this is already in the works/on the horizon?

I think that idea was basically the thing we just did. I don’t know how it would work for component-specific stuff, given the way our current find & replace mechanism works, but it’s a neat idea.

We have something else in the pipeline that might achieve the same goal; basically a way to explore a particular view’s configuration (scripts, bindings, etc) separate from the main editing UI.

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