[Feature] Page Configuration Access

When any view is open in the designer the “gear tab” is the only way to access the Page Configuration screen. This did not feel super intuitive, and I actually wrote a whole post thinking there was no way to find it without all views being closed. On my last “idiot-check” before posting I found it.

From a navigation standpoint, it would be quite helpful to have the Page Configuration window appear when the “Perspective” item and/or “Views” folder are selected in the Project Browser.

build: b2018110602 / b2018110610

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Not a bad suggestion - the gear can be easy to miss. Another idea might be to use the perspective root node itself a trigger to swap to that panel, rather than adding another leaf to the tree. Isn’t as explicit, but might be an intuitive place for people to click.


I think we mean the same thing :slight_smile:

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