[FEATURE] Perspective: Add 'DD:HH:mm:ss' support for the Date Time Input component

I need to let the operators enter in a “relative” time rather than an absolute time. That is, I need them to enter in days:hours:mins:secs, and it would be awesome if I could use the Date Time Input component, however it doesn’t like my format :frowning: Is this supported currently? If so, what format should I use? Otherwise, can this please be added as a feature?

Interesting, I’ve tried these other formats as well and none give what the format specifies (it does display correctly in the formattedDate property value, but the graphical display itself is incorrect):

  • HH (shows HH:mm)
  • mm (shows HH:mm:ss)
  • ss (shows HH:mm:ss)
  • mm:ss (shows HH:mm:ss)

Note: I’ve set the pickerType to time