[FEATURE] Perspective - Allow pasting of CSS to create/overwrite/merge Perspective Style


As in title, please allow pasting of CSS to create and modify Perspective Styles. Currently the paste option is disabled :frowning:

I want to copy a whole folder of style and bulk find/replace stuff in the styles within their copied CSS, then paste back in. Right now I either have to do it manually, or I have to export the styles, open all css definition files in notepad++, find replace in all opened documents, save all, then import

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Paste where, exactly? I’m having a hard time picturing what you’re describing.

Exactly the same as how pasting tag json works:

  1. copy Perspective Style(s) to clipboard (which copies the CSS)
  2. make changes in text editor and copy again to clipboard
  3. right click in the Perspective Styles at the right folder location and press Paste to update the Styles with your changes

Edit: although I realise now that the CSS itself will define which styles it will update, not the location/folder that you paste it into, as this structure is defined by the CSS selectors. Minor detail

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I’m not sure this is so wise.

It’s easy to generate our limited subset of CSS that our styles will create.

Parsing arbitrary CSS that is pasted, on the other hand, is a totally different effort.

It’s already possible though via an import, so shouldn’t that code already be there to use?
I can export the styles, change the css in them, and reimport the file and it changes, it’s just more effort than just copy paste

I’m not sure what import you mean. You mean the style.json file that is the project resource? If so, that isn’t CSS - it’s JSON.

Ah, so it is! I got my wires crossed, nevermind what I said :sheep:

CSS does look a lot like JSON if you squint your eyes :see_no_evil:


Or close them entirely haha :smile: