[FEATURE] Perspective Alt-Click to select components behind

I’m really missing this feature from Vision! It’s hard with performance issues with designing in Perspective trying to select the right objects and this feature would certainly help!


Thanks, I honestly didn’t realize that was a thing in vision.

It was only added fairly recently, but it’s a life saver. I wonder if a complete list of keyboard shortcuts are listed anywhere in the user manual? :thinking: That would also be a great idea!

It looks like they’re all listed here (this one is at the bottom 2nd line):


You can vote here:

Really hanging out for this feature… it’s so difficult to select anything in Perspective as it is with the slow designer performance and objects sorted by z-order in the project browser instead of name (e.g. if sorted by name you could more easily find things for example a pipe, as they’re all called pipe zzz, but finding them now is plucking needles from the haystay), this would at least help a lot

Bump. I’m struggling at the moment to get a component selected.

I got excited that this might be in the later versions as it doesn’t say it’s limited to Vision… but I tested in 8.1.10 and no luck :frowning: albeit it’s not the latest latest, but it’s up there, however I didn’t see anything in the release notes on the forum :frowning: :frowning:

8.1.12 doesnt seem to do it yet either.

I would literally use this hundreds of times a day to save lots of minutes of my life and the asaociated frustration

i suppose one probably could create a module whichs add an event listener which on altclick would make an element (temporary) unclickable so you could click on the one below…
Or you can poke ignition for them to do it xd