[FEATURE] Perspective Component Styles

There are quite a few properties/areas in Perspective components where the ability to change the style is missing. For example, the text colour of the of slider marker labels. It is often possible to achieve the desired style in theming, but this is not really suitable for singular instances and/or for new users.

I am aware that individual posts/requests are out there, but I thought it may be worth collating the information in this post to make it easier for us and IA to keep track of the most desired ones. Therefore, if you have a component that you think needs some style customisation exposing, please post a reply in this thread.

I will try and collate the replies into this (original) post, so people can see, at a glance, what has already been logged. Once a substantial list has been collated we can create a feature request with the relevant information.

Styles to be exposed (grouped by component):


props.style missing classes property (it can be added manually)

  • Marker label styling. Requires a props.labels.style property
  • Column header sizing
  • Column row sizing

Icons… missing ability to assign class. You can give the style a class variable and it pops up but that is something that we use on almost every icon. Would be nice to have that without having to add the property every time.

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