[FEATURE] Perspective - Get 'status' of property binding such as Query or Script

I remember seeing a number of posts about being able to display something to the user while a query is running and collecting results. I'm running into the same problem now with the audit log, where I have a query that will always take a little while to run due to its nature. I want to show that it's actually running to the user, but I can't at the moment; they just sit there asking if something it actually happening or not.

My request is, is it possible to add a feature to be able to bind to the "status" of a binding on a property?
For example, a query binding might have a "fetching data" or "running" status or something and then an "idle" status once it's returned. A script transform would have the same.

If we had this, then we could bind the visibility of other components to this status to show something is actually happening.

Not sure if this is feasible technically.. but :crossed_fingers:



Prior discussion:

This came up recently in an internal discussion as well. We're definitely on board, but still haven't figured out a good way to do it. The isLoading indicator mentioned in the other thread has a big problem with circular referencing.

My proposal was a 'meta' path syntax, so something like {component.props.path.to.prop::isAvailable}, which just automatically resolves to a boolean. I linked this thread & your ideas post to the (new) internal ticket I just made for that.


Any updates on this?

Nothing to share. It's still a feature we're looking to implement, but not top priority.