[FEATURE] Perspective - Input - inputmode attribute

Dear Ignitioners,
I need to set inputmode attribute for tag Input (Text field or Numeric input field).
It is very needed to control, which mobile keyboard is shown for each input in the perspective module (numeric or text).
For this purpose there is HTML attribute inputmode:

It is possible to set this parameter to Perspective component Text field or Numeric input field?

Current solution type=“text” for Text field and type=“number” for Numeric input field is not meet my requirements.

Is there some general possibility to set custom HTML attribute to DOM element?

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no you can not change the html unless you create your own module.
Im not sure why the numeric entry field component isnt set to type number xd

Thank you, Numeric text field is set to type=number (this type is too strict and does not allow me control over the keyboard shown as I need. this is a kind of “old-school attribute”.
But I need to control the keyboard through the inputmode attribute.

its a nice feature request, it should be quite easy for them to add this into the component.

add it in here and put the link to your request in this topic^^

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Ok, there it is: