[FEATURE] perspective map component - marker clustering feature

Hi @jball,

For maps with lots of markers, it will be usefull to have a markers clustering feature !

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Hey Lionel,

That’s a good request! I will open a ticket to explore that functionality.

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I’m playing with the perspective map in version 8. Since the application I need uses hundreds of markers in a small portion of the map, it makes the application hard to use because of the density of markers. I’m looking for the clustering option that has the leaflet library (the map uses leaflet and OSM) or another clustering option (GitHub - Leaflet/Leaflet.markercluster: Marker Clustering plugin for Leaflet).
The manual has no mention of this option, and I assume that it is not implemented. Is there a way to import the clustering library of leaflet or any other way of doing that?


I quote this request because it would be interesting for me as well.

Hello Everyone,

is there any news on this point?
It will be very helpful for my mind and for our client as well.


We have an internal ticket to explore this functionality, but no timeline or even guarantee it will be implemented.

That’s good news really, we are still on the lookout for a solution to the map clustering problem