[FEATURE] Perspective Power Chart usability improvements


  • ability to pan the chart time window back and forth with the mouse in realtime (probably needs an enable to allow this in case you actually want to fix it) and historical modes. Currently it seems fixed to either strictly the “previous 8 hours” or “this date to this other date”, with the only way to see other dates/times outside of the time window shown by actually changing the realtime time value, or changing the start/end datetimes in the calendar. Both of these methods are super cumbersome and unintuitive - fine for first setting them up, but painful if you want to scroll to dates/times either side of your initial inputs. I would just like to be able to pan the view with the current settings with the mouse.
  • when panning the view in the historical mode, don’t collapse the legend briefly while stuff is loading. Maintain the legend. Watch the trend bob up and down in the screencapture below when panning the timeline.
  • that’s all I have for now…
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