[FEATURE] Perspective: Support custom CSS properties in Perspective Styles


I don’t think this is possible already, but it would be great if we could add custom CSS properties to define within the Perspective Styles

I don’t know much CSS yet, but one example is mix-blend-mode so that then I can use grey colours and set the blend mode to darken in order to effectively set the colour to a darker version of the background colour behind it


Yes please 100%. I’ve been applying them manually on each element’s style, but having the ability to define an style and class would be more helpful.

Some rules I’ve used are about positioning such as, max-width and max-height. But like @nminchin there’s likely countless others.

But also when I’ve wanted to overwrite specific values of a rule without changing them all. The example that comes to mind was .menu-elements:last-child { border-bottom: none; }, however, I can see how to do this with the existing style editor, but obviously this doesn’t apply to every option - I just can’t recall which one stumped me before.

If this isn’t going to be implemented, I’d like to know other people’s workarounds, in particular, including our own CSS file and hosting that elsewhere. Or simply, setting the style directly on the element:


Terrible example, but the rule above does work: