[Feature] Perspective Tab Visibility

Any thought to giving individual tabs in the Perspective Tab Container visibility properties? For instance if I set it up with 6 total tabs of content but the default user can only see 3 tabs. An advanced user would need to login to see all 6.

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Giving tabs visibility is a fine idea. In the meantime, I think you could also just dynamically bind the tab definitions themselves, so that rather than the tab container having 6 tabs all the time, of which maybe 3 are not visible, you could make it so that the tab container’s tab definition itself changes so that sometimes it has 6 and sometimes it has 3 tabs defined.

Can you elaborate on how you would achieve this functionality? I would like to dynamically update the number of tabs based on a custom session prop. I’ve tried doing this using an expression structure binding on the “tabs” prop, but I can’t determine a way to pass array elements into tabs (rather than values, objects, or additional arrays). Am I going about this in the wrong way?