[FEATURE] Perspective View white components impossible to see


Due to the white background, editing white coloured components on a View is very difficult, and means going backwards and forwards constantly between the view and the view it’s embedded on to see what you’re doing.

I could set the background fill style on the view root container, but it would be much easier if there was an option to set this colour, or to set to show a transparent checker, as is done in Vision while editing templates. Probably this option would be set per View, as there’s no distinction in Perspective as to what’s intended to be used as a page or template. Also, if I did set the background fill on the root, I think can’t see white objects if I deep select a group, as the group background goes all white…

You wouldn’t know it, but there’s a label with text in it above this symbol. I think…

Oh, there it is!