[FEATURE] Pleeease add a "Resize to Master" to Perspective for coord containers

Currently, if you’re using a percentage mode coord container and you want to change an embedded view (EV) to something else, you basically have to delete the EV and drag in the new one to get it at the right size. I made the mistake of creating my device template views with too much white space (I thought I was being smart by leaving room to add things in the future… now I just can’t click on anything but those device EVs) and want to replace them with new useable versions. But doing so will be a PITA :frowning:

Bump. This is (also) very frustrating when you’re changing the view path of an embedded view… or lots of them. I bet you guys at IA regret making Vision so good now :slight_smile:

You know what you need to do.

Hahaha :joy: They might see it coming now though… I should probably start learning Java / React / Kotlin / lots of others