[FEATURE] Render datetime values more intuitively in EasyChart

If you select a date range which spans multiple days, it’s very difficult to read the date/times from the time axis. Screenshot below demonstrates this. It’s difficult to find for example the 2nd of August as the time axis doesn’t have dates, only times. Graphs should make it easy to read the axes :confused:

Also, the times that are shown are not intuitive. Times should be offset from 0, not from some arbitrary value as is shown. E.g. the times shown are 4 hours apart, but are offset from 0300 instead of from 0000. This makes reading the graph all that more difficult to read.

In this screenshot example spanning days, major gridlines should be on each day at midnight, with gridlines at 2 or 4 hour intervals.

As an example, this is how another scada platform (Citect SCADA) shows the time axis:

i.e. full datetime, for this zoom, at 1min intervals with minor ticks at 5s intervals. Note that the minot and major time ticks have vertical lines in the plot area which significantly helps reading the trends

Note: this applies to Perspective’s Power Chart as well, but I’ve already created a big list of usability requests in another post… [FEATURE] Increase usability of the Perspective Power Chart component

“Inkscaped” example:

Fwiw, trends have never been a strong point in Ignition and, as I mentioned already in my other post RE Power Chart, should be an absolute cornerstone of any SCADA platform since their use as a diagnostic tool is paramount to the operation of sites.