[FEATURE] Reorder and Group connections in the Designer and Client Launchers

I have about 15 designer connections in my local designer launcher with groups for different customers and applications. Because I’ve added these over time, they’re all jumbled and in no particular order which makes it mildly annoying to find. It would be nice if we could group and re-order and/or sort them alphabetically. I would group all designer connections by customer and/or by site (maybe a tiered approach is better than a simple single-layer grouping).


I make desktop folders by customer and site with the correct command line. I only open the bare launchers to add new apps. The resulting .desktop file looks like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/home/philip/designerlauncher/app/designerlauncher.sh -Dapp.home=/home/philip/.ignition/clientlauncher-data -Dapplication=Ignition-porthos81x

Bump for visibility - this seems like it would be a relatively easy add in the Designer Launcher and would be a great quality of life improvement. As an integrator with many customers and customers with multiple sites on top of my own development environments, my designer launcher list is a mess. Having the ability to sort the "My Designers" list with folders, and nested folders, would be a welcome improvement.