[FEATURE]Report tool to show dependencies of views/windows/templates/tags

It would be great to have a reporting tool to show the dependencies of an object.

For Views, this would be things like scripting libraries, other Views (that are embedded), Perspective Styles, etc.

For Tags, this would be things like script libraries (tag events), alarm pipelines, history providers + databases, tag groups, UDT definitions, etc.

Nested dependencies would need to be included

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What a coincidence…


Paul, that looks freaking sweet! :hushed:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Awesome!

The ‘Configuration Explorer’ tool teased above will be available in tomorrow’s nightly build.


Sounds good! I assume this one’s for Perspective Views only? any plans for tags as well?

Yes. This is basically a bespoke ‘Find’ tool for Perspective; you can slice-and-dice into particular types of dynamic configuration (e.g. bindings, script types, embedded view references) and then search within those results. Once you’ve got a set of things, you have the ability to quickly change them by opening their respective editors - at the moment, it’s a purely read-only tool.

Are you implying that there are plans to make this an editor in the future as well? I was excited just to see a search tool, but if I could edit it in place that would be fantastic.


Nobody’s made plans, yet, but from using it while testing I think it’s a logical thing to ask for. We’ll have to see if people want that :slight_smile: