[Feature Request] AB port access

Normally AB devices connect by default over 44818.
If we connect remotely we need to forward port 44818 inside router to access the device inside LAN.
It would be nice to be able to select port as same as for S7-300 driver ( default 102 ) in case we need
to access several devices on same LAN from remote.

Under no circumstances should you ever forward these protocols from an untrusted network into your control system network(s) – these are unencrypted and typically completely unprotected protocols. Seriously. Use a VPN, and then no port forwarding is required.

Typically we already have a VPN maintained by our mobile service provider. In some cases meaning we should employ a VPN within a VPN, making things difficult. Port forwarding is way easier.
Of course security is important, but in our case others are taking care of it at a higher level.
We just need to communicate.
The port access on S7-300 driver works perfectly for us.

I think there’s already an outstanding feature request on the ideas forum.