[Feature Request] Add a toggle to Designer's Find/Replace tool to allow inclusion of all items in all categories, not just open items

Nearly every time I use Ignition Designer's Find/Replace tool. I do so because I changed something (e.g. tag name) and I need to ensure that all references to it are corrected... Or I want to find all references to some tag/view path, or find/replace all instances of my typo.

Despite the Find/Replace tool having 'Select All' checked by default I still have to manually change a bunch of search options to get it to search all items and not just open items. Nearly every time I open the Find/Replace window I go through and have to manually tell it to search.

  • All windows (not just open ones)
  • All views (not just open ones)
  • All templates (not just open ones)
  • All tag providers (not just default)
  • All named queries (not just open ones)

Then, for fear of having to modify the default options again and again, I do my best to leave the Find/Replace tool open. However, if I use the menu bar to open the Find/Replace tool when it is already open it resets to the defaults of only considering the open items.

I would appreciate a master toggle control that let me instruct the tool to search all items in all categories, not just the open ones. For me I'd prefer that to be the default, but understand that may not be the preference for others. So I'd settle for just the option.

What are the chances of getting this added?

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