[FEATURE REQUEST] Add event for when dropdown value is cleared

I have a feature request to add to the Dropdown Perspective component that seems like it would be easy to add - an event for when the dropdown value is cleared. I know that I can accomplish the same thing a different way (this is more of a quality of life request), but it would still be nice to use a single event to accomplish multiple things.

I never ran into a need for it before, but when a dropdown is used in conjunction with a Tree component (select a value in the dropdown to populate the Tree), when the dropdown is cleared, the tree's selection data value doesn't get cleared (so when I have custom properties tied to the Tree's selection data, those values become stale). This is a very specific scenario (using a Dropdown with a Tree) and it seems like the Tree has a bug in it that when the props.selection[0] gets cleared, the tree selection data does not get cleared, but I feel like it may be useful in other scenarios as well. There might be a reason for this, but the Perspective Table doesn't behave this way when selection is cleared.

Posted here instead of on the ideas page so that my idea can get roasted here first.

Hmm. Now I'm hungry. :grin:

That aside, I'd like to see the Tree component's .selectionData behavior get fixed. (It doesn't follow scripted changes to .selection either.)

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