[Feature Request] Add scrollbar to Designer Open/Create Project window

Please add a grabbable scrollbar to the “Open Recent” pane of the “Open/Create Project” window. On servers with many projects, it results in a lot of time wasted waiting for scrolling.

On one of my servers with 162 projects, I timed 66 seconds for autoscroll to get to the last project in the list. Feels like an eternity every time I have to do it.

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The project window was overhauled in V8, not sure of the performance with that many project, but I would assume its better.

You should consider upgrading: The Future of Ignition 7.9 LTS and EOL Plans | Inductive Automation

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We will likely have that many projects on a server regardless of V7 vs V8.

We have many production servers with just a few projects each, but few development servers with many projects each. Separating the development and production servers reduces the chances of factory downtime due to normal development work. But adding a development server for every single production server would add a lot of unnecessary overhead and the only annoyance I’ve seen is this scrolling issue.

{My Bold.} I would dispute that. Dev servers and the environment in which they live should be so close to production that a gateway backup from production can just be dropped in. The are too many paths for mistakes (in both directions) to not make 1:1 setups. Use VMs and containers as needed. Also to mimic the non-Ignition resources, like databases. (Even MS SQL Server can run in Linux, fwiw.)