[Feature Request] Designer QoL - Auto Expand Binding Transform Editor

Currently, every time you close and reopen the property binding editor, the transform editor always reverts back to its default size. Would be great if the transform editor either remembered the last size it was opened at or just filled in the empty space by default (if you had two transforms, then 50% of the empty space for each, etc - with a minimum size that eventually triggers the scrollbar to appear). Gets super tedious having to expand that editor every time, especially when fiddling with a transform that requires a lot of trial and error. Eventually I'll move the script to a library and call it from there so it wouldn't need the large editor screen, but I find it easier when doing quick concepts to have the script bundled with the object.

(Apologies if this is already a feature request. I didn't notice anything after a quick forum search.)

Current behavior when opening:

One possible desired behavior:


So, specifically, the request is for the 'inner' transform editors to try to fill their scroll pane as much as possible? That's...tricky, because nested scroll panes in Java Swing get funky fast (the code editor is something like 4 scroll panes deep :grimacing:), but possibly doable.

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Meh. You already have a resize bar below each transform. You just have to change its startup behavior. Go ding the right people, please?

{ Maybe just make the last transform fill the space, as that is the one most likely to be touched. }