Feature Request: Logout and bring up login screen at same time

Right now to log out of a user and log in a new user you have to do two separate actions as far as I can tell. You need to first press a button to logout - which requires the browser to refresh the screens, then you have to login, which once again requires a refresh that takes time.

It would be great if one button could log out and bring up the login screen at the same time, taking those refreshes from 2 to 1 and reducing button clicks. Even better would be if the full refresh wasn’t necessary, but I assume that is more deeply built in to the user management in Ignition and less likely to change.

Why not switch user?

Edit: Example script from switch user form:

# Pull the username and password from the input components
username = event.source.parent.getComponent("Username").text
password = event.source.parent.getComponent("Password").text

# Call switchUser. The event object is passed to this
# function so that if the username and password work,
# this window will be closed before the switch occurs.
success = system.security.switchUser(username, password, event)

# If the login didn't work, give input focus back to the
# username component, so that the user can try again
if not success:

@jlandwerlen: You’re using Vision, wile this post is a Perspective request.


@cmallonee - Any chance this feature/ability will come to Perspective as well?

I think you can do this by forcing authentication:


This requires a user to re-authenticate - even if they are logged in. If they are not logged in, then they are forced to log in (unless they use the browser’s “back” buttons to get into a state before the button was pressed).