[Feature request] Make the client time-zone in Perspective changeable


our operators are monitoring projects in different timezones & so far we found Ignition’s model to be single timezone based.

For now, we are working around things using Java classes in Python scripts (as recomended here), but we would also like to be able to change how the date & time is presented on the frontend.

We monitor projects in Australia, Europe & South America.
We can choose the timezone Perspective will use in the Project Properties - so far, we set it to Client Timezone.

This is fine as long as the operator is sitting in the same country as the project he/she monitors.
But when the operator is for example in Europe & the project he/she monitors is in South America, we would like for them to see graphs etc. in the timezone of the project.

Ideally, we would like to provide a dropdown menu in which the operator could choose whether to see the data in their timezone or in the project’s timezone.
For this, we would need the property to be writable, which it’s currently not:

I presume there is probably a reason for why it is read-only, but we need to do this somehow.

So, if it is possible, we would greatly appreciate you added an option to change the timezone settings with an expression or script on the client side - either as a general Perspective session property, or as a property on graphs etc.

Thanks for considering,

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You’ll want to create this as a topic on IA’s Ideas portal.

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Thanks! Had no idea it exists! :smiley: