Feature request - perspective script auto generation

There’s quite possibly already a plan to implement this one (in which case feel free to merge/close/delete this thread), but it’d be really handy to have a script auto-generator feature similar to the Vision module when setting up component events in perspective. Obviously, the process would have to be a little different, as the script is considered a separate action to all of the pre-built actions, as opposed to the Vision method of just picking a tab, configuring an action, and then picking the script tab to see the resulting script. Perhaps a right click > convert to script or right click > add to script option? For novice users this would make it really easy to start becoming familiar with how to build the scripts - particularly if a “set tag value” action was added at the same time.

For more advanced users, it would just provide a quick way to set up several actions using a graphical interface, and then be able to merge them all into a single script action, arrange them in the order needed, and be confident that there were no (or at least, fewer) typo’s to be caught and fixed.

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I like this idea…

In the pipeline we have a feature to provide a property tree which allows for property injection into Perspective scripts, which should remove the potential for typos when it comes to properties, as well as user errors when determining tree traversal.


It looks like that made it into the 8.0.2 nightly. Good work!

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Thanks, that definitely helps. A full blown “convert to script” type function would still be a really awesome feature to have, but I understand it’d be a low priority for the time being.