[Feature Request] provide option to prevent auto-collapsing of views

pretty much self-explanitory. moving from one component to another is often (always) necessary. when loading a new component, it shouldn't collapse the expanded Views in the Project Browser. i lose my place literally 8-12 times a day because of this. i appreciate many will suggest that i name my components better: I do. but the legacy projects i am now curating, refactoring, and developing were authored by less seasoned hands.

regardless. best to let the UI work for the user, not against the user.

all Tron references welcome
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this has been a bug for 4 years!?!? :scream: ... ... ... :fork_and_knife: at least now i know.

I think it's been fixed a few times over the years, but I've noticed in 8.1.27 that my Views are collapsing more :confused: It's quite frustrating, I agree

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