Feature Requests For New JSON Functions

Ignition 7.5.7 comes with new system.util.jsonEncode and system.util.jsonDecode functions which is great.

I want to replace the JSON functions in the SECS/GEM Module with these.

I have a couple feature requests with these functions:

  1. I know that the JSON definition says name/value pairs in JSON objects are unordered. However I think it is better for the name/value pairs to be ordered by the order they are added. This way JSON strings can be displayed in the same order that they were created.

  2. It would be very nice if the jsonDecode function had an optional argument for specifying indention and pretty printing JSON strings. This is how the org.json.JSONObject.toString(int) function works. json.org/javadoc/org/json/JSONOb … g%28int%29