Feature Requests

I have a couple of feature requests that I would like some input on.

  • On Screen Keyboard for Perspective. When running Perspective Workstation in a Windows RDS environment with thin clients, I have not found a way to get the Windows On-Screen Keyboard to come up. Would be nice to have the OSK like vision does.

  • Ability to modify memory during installation without going into the ignition.conf file. Would be nice if during setup that it asked how much memory you would like to allocate for Ignition vs. going into the configuration file. I am assuming quite a few installations don’t use the 2GB default.

  • Ability to know which OPC Server an OPC connection is using when you configure a failover node. It would be nice to have the connection show in the system tags which server Ignition is actively connected to. Right now I am currently looking at the connected tag to see if it fails to know that there is a problem then going in to see what server it is actually connected to.

IA maintains a separate ideas site for feature requests. When you’ve done that, links here in the forum to publicize them (for votes) would be helpful.


Thank you, for some reason I couldn’t find the site yesterday.