[Feature] Require Comment on Publish

A client requested the ability to see any updates since their last login dynamically in their application, and it made me realize that the versioning capabilities of Ignition 8 are
missing one key item. The ability to track a simple comment or notes on publish.

If the ability to track update notes in the audit log was present, then you could create a simple page to show any changes since the last user login, showing them any information that might be key in a system that is too large to make sure every person sees an update email.

Currently I know that I can do this with a well-regimented update deployment process that requires whomever moves the changes from staging into production to log whatever notes in a database table, however that feels much less reliable than a prompt in the designer to make a comment on any publish, and track the related items that are being updated. This would also allow for more native version management without the use of Git in cases where git currently isnt used.

This may or may not already be planned, or possible and I am unaware, but either way I went ahead and threw up an ideas post for it. If its something you think would help out, feel free to drop an upvote on it.


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