[FEATURE]Restarting a tag from remote tag provider

I think we’re on one of the 8.0.3 nightlies, maybe the rc1. We have a scale out architecture. In the office when we only had one gateway we could restart tags. On site we are developing on a gateway that uses a remote tag provider to connect to the tag gateway. If we try to restart a tag from the dev gateway we get a Bad_Unsupported error.

Is that expected? Is it a bug? Or is there a setting somewhere on the gateway for it?

It’s unsupported right now. We would need to add a “tag restart” remote system call to be able to do this. It could happen down the line, but I have no idea when.

So for scale out architecture where does development usually occur? I don’t think you want engineers developing on the tag gateway as it loads up the gateway with quite a bit of extra work. We have had to restart tags quite a bit as we copy and rename them, which seems like a normal development activity.

Maybe it isn’t a big deal, but it takes away a feature we have had to lean on quite a bit since 8.0.


I want to bump this feature as I’m needing it as well for my scale-out architecture. I don’t really want to have to open a Designer to the backend project every time i want to restart tags :confused:


Bump bump


It’s silly how you can do everything with tags except “Restartaring” them from a remote gateway.

You can delete them, but you can’t restart them? - Cmon Inductive!

This should have been filed under a bug ticket imo.