[Feature] Separate APK for each Project in Perspective

Will it be possible for the Ignition 8 to create a separate APK for mobile?

Do you mean a separate mobile application for each gateway? Unfortunately, no, this isn’t possible with the way Google/Apple do their licensing (at least, to my knowledge). If you mean something else, could you clarify your question?

Thank you for your answer. Sorry if my question was not really clear. So to make it clear, can you make a single APK for each project you will be making in Ignition Perspective?

No, users don’t make any APKs at all.

You download the official Perspective app from Google Play and it has screens to manage gateways and projects (or will have, not sure on the status).

Understood. But is there any possibility of this feature on the upcoming releases?

For iOS users this would be a hard no. Unless you want to go through the process of getting your app certified through Apple’s process and maintain a developer account and pay for each version of your app to remain on the store… The list goes on and on with Apple.

For Android users this might be an outside possibility but I think the question is why? It would seem to me that getting people to side load an APK would be more trouble than it is worth. We provide hosting to several different companies. With a single launch project I’m able to redirect, system.util.retarget, based on user roles.


Is there a specific reason you want an APK?

On a related note, the apps will help manage multiple projects from multiple gateways, but you don’t need the app to view a perspective project: your users can simply navigate to a particular URL using a web browser on their device.

To give you a little sample, we’re currently building a new demo project in Perspective, which you can access here: http://demo.ia.io. As you can see, no app required to view the application.

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The previous replies are correct - no separate APK’s (a.k.a. android apps). Only the main Ignition Perspective app which is published to the google play store.

That said - Android allows apps to create custom shortcut icons which can live on the user’s home screen, and are basically indistinguishable from an app. The android Perspective app allows you to create these shortcuts for a specific project, so that you can launch that project directly.


Thanks Carl for the answer. Looking forward to the beta soon. :slight_smile:

Is the beta out yet to selected users?

Not yet I think. But should be out very soon. If you signed up for the Beta Version you should get an email when they released it.

Thanks. Hope I get it. Also hope those who don’t get it are also informed so.

My current understanding is that everyone who has signed up for the beta access should get an invite once we start sending them out. We haven’t started inviting anyone from the signup yet (we do have a very small number of partners testing different parts of the update before we open up to the broader beta group).

Gr8! Looks like perspective is going to be a breath of fresh air for Ignition users! Look forward to the beta version.

Can the classical vision module be disabled and unloaded from Ignition server once a we decide to use Perspective clients exclusively for a project? This will reduce a lot of burden from Ignition server and optimize the run time performance I guess?

Yes, vision is a separate module from perspective, so you can choose to run perspective, vision or both.
Ignition right now can run without the vision module.